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Basse Nike Blazer Cuir Femme Blanc Nike Blazer Cuir Adéquatement

Basse Nike Blazer Cuir Femme Blanc Nike Blazer Cuir Adéquatement

A survey (N = 292) was conducted that measured self-promoting Facebook behaviors (e.g. posting status updates and photos of oneself, updating profile information) and several anti-social behaviors (e.g. seeking social support more than one provides it, getting angry when people do not Acheter Nike Blazer Vintage Femme Blazer Nike Noir comment on one’s status updates, retaliating against negative comments). The grandiose exhibitionism subscale of the narcissistic personality inventory was hypothesized to predict the self-promoting behaviors. The entitlement/exploitativeness subscale was hypothesized to predict the anti-social behaviors. Results were largely consistent with Acheter Blazer Nike the hypothesis for the self-promoting behaviors but mixed concerning the anti-social behaviors. Trait self-esteem was also related in the opposite manner as the Narcissism scales to some Facebook behaviors.

The art project 2–3 Streets, initiated by the artist Jochen Gerz, was part of the European Capital of Culture year RUHR.2010. International participants were invited to live in ‘deprived’ areas of three cities in the Ruhr-region in Germany. In this paper we discuss two separately conducted studies of the effects of this art project for the neighborhoods involved, describing critical aspects and placing them in a theoretical framework of sustainability, creative cities and modernization. The bringing together of the complementing theoretical findings of the two studies results in a reflection of (un)sustainable tendencies (within this art project), which can offer subsequent insights for other (art) projects in the thematic area of urban development. Our exploratory analysis enables a framework for further in-depth empirical research.

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